Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program

The objective of the graduate programs in English Language Education is to equip the students with advanced and specialized knowledge in the field and to help them acquire skills for research. A well-balanced emphasis on theory and application is maintained throughout the programs. It is hoped that graduates of the M.A. program will engage in teaching or research activities and develop adequate motivation for more advanced graduate work in the field, while those with a Ph.D. degree will choose to pursue academic careers at the universities. Both M.A and Ph.D. programs are carried out in accordance with the regulations of the Institute of Social Sciences.

The Ph.D. program requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework beyond the master’s degree, spread over a maximum of four semesters, followed by a qualifying examination, a dissertation and its oral defense. The successful completion of the program leads to the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in English Language Education.

The Ph.D. program is open only to master’s degree (with thesis) holders. Those whose bachelor’s or master’s degree is in the field of English Language Education or Applied Linguistics are eligible for admission to the PhD program. Those with a degree in other disciplines may also apply, provided that they have a valid nationally- and/or internationally-recognized teaching certificate/diploma, or at least two years’ experience in English language education.